IV. METEX ( Middle East Event & Conference ) held in Giresun City which is the pearl of Eastern Black Sea Region.
IV. METEX event held on April 16th, 2015 in the Giresun New Jasmin Hotel under the patronage of Giresun Governorship and fully organized by Mercan Tourism. We invited travel agencies, tour operators, investors, journalists and media members from different Middle East countries.
During the Conference & B2B discussions participators arranged business relations with Turkish counterparts such as hotel managers, business people and other related bodies in the Giresun City and Eastern Black Sea Region.
After the event on April 17th, 2015 they joined the familarization trip to Giresun surroundings with marvelous highlands, plateaus and Black Sea. The Giresun mountains have breathtaking lakes spreaded everywhere. Giresun is not considered to be seen if one could not see those lakes.
The city is situated in the Eastern Black Sea Region surrounded by the coastal cities of Trabzon and Ordu. Two third of Giresun is covered with forests naturally ascending from the sea level up to 2000 meters high mountains. The forests of Giresun are mostly rendered with hazelnuts. Except hazelnuts city is wellknown with its cherries, leather, timber, honey and fresh Black Sea fish. This year likely in June Giresun will have a brand new airport that links the city with the whole world.